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Whistleblower Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

What is a qui tam lawsuit? Get the facts!

Under the False Claims Act (often referred to as the whistleblower statute), individuals who are looking to put a stop to government fraud may take advantage of what is known as "qui tam lawsuits." This type of civil lawsuit allows individuals to sue a person or entity that they believe is behaving fraudulently and then recover the funds on the government's behalf. Qui tam lawsuits are powerful legal actions that not only help put an end to fraud, but also rewards whistleblowers for the personal / professional risks they take to pursue a case.

About the Qui Tam Lawsuit Process

When a qui tam lawsuit is filed, it is done "under seal," which means the case is kept private from everyone except government entities. Not even the accused will be alerted to the filing of the lawsuit. This gives the Justice Department ample time to investigate all of the allegations.

Under the FCA, qui tam cases will experience a 60 day seal; however, courts will often extend that period so that the government has enough time to look into the case and determine whether or not they want to join. This may take years.

In these cases, the courts will often be asked by the government for a partial lift on the seal so that they can discuss the case with the accused. Many qui tam cases are solved through settlement rather than a trial; however, our whistleblower attorney at Gresham, P.C. is fully capable of taking a case to court if necessary.

How much can a whistleblower recover?

For whistleblowers, the reward will depend on several factors, such as the following:

  • Quality of the case presented; and
  • Work of attorney to help case succeed.

Should the government intervene to resolve the case, the whistleblower can often recover 15 to 20% of the recovery. Should the government not intervene, the whistleblower can recover 25 to 30% of the total recovery.

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