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Oilfield Accident Attorney

One of the most hazardous occupations is drilling for oil, whether at a land based facility or an off-shore oil rig. Oilfield accidents have been on the rise, with workers putting in longer hours to meet the increasing demands for oil and gas. Companies stretch workers too thin with overtime and double shifts. Under such stressful conditions, accidents and injuries are much more commonplace.

If you have been the victim of an oilfield accident or if you or a loved one has suffered from an oilfield related injury, contact us.

Types of Oilfield Accidents

Accidents may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Work rig collapses
  • Falls from rigs and equipment
  • Equipment failures and defective products
  • Issues with Frac Tanks
  • Well blowouts
  • Explosions and oil fires

Oilfield accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, such as severe burns and electrocution, broken backs and necks from falls, head injuries from falling equipment, loss of limbs from explosions or defective equipment, and exposure to toxic chemicals and gases.

Experience with Oilfield Accident Injury Claims

We can work with you throughout the claims process and take every measure to ensure you receive the compensation you are due. With our main office in Dallas, TX, we handle cases from all across the United States. We handle injury and wrongful death claims from oilfield accidents caused by third-parties or that happen during testing, frac jobs, wireline operations, oil well drilling, or well restoration.

For example, in one of our cases, we secured substantial compensation for a gas well worker who suffered severe burns to 85% of her body. The gas well maintenance company and the well owner were both found negligent in the case and Gresham, P.C. was able to fundamentally change the way these companies conducted business so that an accident like this would never happen again.

Immediate Assistance

Often victims must wait for compensation and are forced to rely on meager assistance from workers' compensation or other sources. Oilfield accident claims can be complicated and troublesome for families involved. Fortunately, Gresham, P.C. has experience specifically handling oilfield accident injury cases. Gresham, P.C. is skilled at securing just compensation from responsible parties, while taking extra measures to ensure their clients' emotional and physical needs are addressed immediately.

Gresham, P.C. assesses no fees unless we settle in your favor. There is no risk to you for contacting us or working with us. If we do not secure compensation for you, you don't owe us anything. Contact us for your free consultation.