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Dallas Construction Accident Attorney

Construction Zones & Building Sites Have a Multitude of Inherent Dangers

In the best case scenario, careful site management will protect workers and the public from any construction and industrial accident not of their making. Gresham, P.C. fights for the rights of workers injured at the job site by employer neglect, defective equipment, or poor safety management—as well as anyone who is injured by construction or industrial project activities

Representing the Victims of Serious Construction Accidents

At every construction site, there are multiple parties responsible for ensuring safety. When an accident does occur, everyone from the owner of the property to the contractor can potentially be held liable if their failure to meet the safety standards imposed by law.

At Gresham, P.C., we represent individuals injured in construction and industrial accidents. In the past, we have successfully represented individuals and their families when they were injured, burned, paralyzed, and killed on the job at construction or other industrial sites.

In one case, our client was exposed to toxic chemicals on the job site. After his lawsuit was turned down by three different law firms because it was too complicated, too uncertain, and too risky, we evaluated the facts and saw an opportunity to help someone who was truly hurt. After all, he needed a bilateral lung transplant after Cobalt destroyed his lungs.

We prevailed in the litigation and made sure that our client had all of the medical care and treatment he needed for the rest of his life. In cases where a defective product is responsible for an injury at a construction site, our product liability attorney can hold the manufacturer of that equipment liable. Our firm will pursue whoever is responsible for the accident, whether it be an employer, subcontractor, or product manufacturer.

Gresham, P.C. is familiar with the needs of injured construction workers. The circumstances of your accident will determine which avenue our lawyer will take through the Texas legal system. If you have been injured in an accident, please contact us to review your case.