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Court allows biometric class-action suit against Facebook to proceed

Multiple outlets reported Thursday that a federal appeals court has rejected Facebook’s efforts to prevent a class actions lawsuit over its use of biometric data. Reuters (8/8, Stempel) reports a three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco unanimously “rejected Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) effort to undo a class action lawsuit claiming that it illegally collected and stored biometric data for millions of users without their consent.” Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta wrote for the court that, in Reuters’ words, “the Illinois users could sue as a group, rejecting Facebook’s argument that their claims were unique and required individual lawsuits.” Facebook is accused of violating that Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act and faces “billions of dollars in potential damages.”

Bloomberg (8/8, Rosenblatt, 4.73M), Fox News (8/8, Carbone, 27.59M), and Business Insider (8/8, Reuters, 3.67M) also report the story.