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$18 Million Verdict for Toddler in Medical Malpractice Case

After an eight-day trial, a jury awarded just over $18.25 million to a St. Louis child and her family. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant was negligent in failing to admit the three-year-old to the hospital for proper monitoring and supportive care which resulted in the child developing a host of complications during her hospital stay. 

June 2016, a 3-year-old girl with E. Coli was discharged and sent home from Cardinal Glennon three times within 48 hours with symptoms including bloody diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, stomach pain, fever, and weight loss. A stool culture had been ordered specifically suspecting a deadly strain of E. coli that carries the potential to cause kidney failure.

36 hours after the third discharge, the plaintiff was finally admitted, where she would remain for 3 months. During her hospital stay, the child developed a host of complications, including kidney failure, seizures, neurological failure, and diabetes. The injuries she sustained required her to undergo intensive rehabilitation, chronic dialysis, and a lifetime of kidney transplants and hospitalization.

The defendant as St. Louis University because it employed the nurse practitioner and physician who treated the plaintiff. Liability and causation were both disputed.