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J&J targeted in trial over claims that its talc contains asbestos.

Bloomberg News (6/6, Feeley, Fisk, 4.46M) reports Johnson & Johnson is facing a new lawsuit in a Missouri court in which 22 women aim “to link their illnesses to exposure to asbestos in the company’s talc.” While the company denies that claim, “some St. Louis state court juries have found J&J’s talc products were a cause of ovarian cancer,” although “they’ve never focused on the claim that the product was tainted with asbestos and that women unknowingly exposed themselves to that carcinogen by using it.”

Reuters (6/6, Bellon) reports this is “the largest case the company has faced” over such allegations, with the women arguing “the company knew its talc was contaminated with asbestos since at least the 1970s but failed to warn consumers about the risks.”