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Farmers Branch Homeowners Pursue Legal Action Against LBJ Contractors

Our homes in some ways become part of us. We know all the comfortable nooks and crannies, spend our most valuable memories within their walls, and can always relax the moment we walk through the door.

While most homeowners can say that they experience this, sometimes this comfort is torn away from people. In the case of Dallas resident Irma R., she experienced this tragedy first hand. Irma says that her home is breaking apart too fast for her to keep up with. The drywall and ceilings have been growing cracks, and the molding and trim have begun to fall apart. Irma says that every day when she gets home there is more new damage to assess. At first she was patching walls and trying repair the ceilings, but after a while the expenses added up and she simply couldn’t afford it anymore.

Other neighbors and nearby developments have reported that their homes have also started to fall apart. The communities agree that the damages started to occur three to four years ago when construction began on the LBJ Freeway.

Residents claim that the constant drillings and earth moving has caused significant harm to the surrounding neighborhoods. Another Farmers Branch resident, David V., also said that his house is in need of massive repairs. He reported that his entire house has tilted, and he fears that the foundation has lost its integrity. Numerous Farmers Branch residents protested along the freeway overpass the day after a mass action law suit was filed.

Attorney Gresham Steps in to Help Homeowners

In response to these claims, our firm has stepped in to provide counsel and support homeowners. Our very own attorney, Dean Gresham took up this major case. Currently, we are representing over 107 families in the Farmers Branch area. It is estimated that the property damage alone totals $10 million.

“Were asking them to do the right thing and fix their homes,” Gresham told a local news station. When asked, a representative from the LBJ Infrastructure Group declined to comment on the current situation. The LBJ freeway construction is scheduled to end in December 2015.

If you believe your home has been damaged by construction on the LBJ freeway or similar projects, reach out to the Dallas attorney at Gresham P.C.