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Dallas Family Seeks Justice After Highway Accident Claims Lives

On September 2013, an elderly couple was driving down a highway in Dallas with heavy construction when a dump truck crossed a median and collided with their car. The couple was instantly killed. While their family is still grieving, there are many questions that are left unanswered, especially regarding who was at fault. Their son, Tim M., described to a local news station how his life and the lives of his siblings have been completely turned upside down over the course of this case. As they continue to struggle through a difficult court battle, Attorney R. Dean Gresham remains resolute in his advocacy for them.

Who is to blame for the accident?

Jose R. was the 19 year-old truck driver of the dump truck. He was charged with criminally negligent homicide, however, he denied all responsibility. When Attorney Gresham pressed him on who he believed was responsible for the accident, he claimed it was the car that cut him off.

Attorney Gresham is working to make the case that defendant had no right to be on the road in the first place. Jose R. possessed a commercial driver’s license, but his employer had failed to complete any of the necessary paperwork for him to legally be on the jobsite. Attorney Gresham explained to the court that Jose R. had not received training, a drug test, and had no medical certificate, all required by state to operate a vehicle on construction sites.

It was also uncovered that Jose R. was hired by his uncle, Santiago R., the owner of Rizo Trucking. However, Santiago claimed that he didn’t know about the laws in place. When investigators interviewed Austin Bridge and Road, Inc. the company who had hired Rizo Trucking, they claimed that their employers and contractors met all state standards. However, Rizo Trucking was a subcontractor, and Austin Bridge and Road, Inc. required no paperwork from them.

As such, the blame then fell on the main contractor for the project, Trinity Infrastructure. Despite the fact that it seemed the case would be resolved, Trinity Infrastructure claimed that they were unaware that Rizo Trucking had been hired.

While the blame continues to be shifted around, the family of the deceased elderly couple continues to wrestle through their unresolved grief. Attorney Gresham is standing firm in his approach though, fiercely pursuing all parties involved until the liable party is identified.