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Virginia Guardrail Systems Causing More Harm Than Good?

A crash test revealed that the ET-Plus guardrails along the roadways might post more of a safety risk than a precaution. Virginia State funded several tests on the guardrails, which cost about $250, 000. The federal government gave these tests a passing grade. However, the focus has shifted to two other tests— shallow angle tests. These showed that the cars were hitting the guardrails at an angle.

The guardrails have been at the focus of many injury claims, as well as wrongful death cases. Replacing guardrails damaged from an accident can cost anywhere between $5, 000 to $7, 000. Virginia State will be banning the installation of any future guardrails.

Lawsuits Filed Due to Guardrails

Many lawsuits allege that the guardrails are piercing vehicles at an angle, rather than yielding to the impact. The vehicle’s passengers then become impaled by the guardrails.

Some of the most prominent cases have included the following:

  • Attorney General sued Trinity in November 2014, claiming that there were designed changes made that had not been approved, causing the guardrails to act as a spear
  • Trinity was sued in federal court, on the basis of “fraudulent cover-up” and “deceptive trade practices”
  • Several personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits were filed in October 2015 by families of victims involved in head-on crashes

Trinity, the makers and manufacturers of the ET-Plus guardrails, stands by their products, stating that they have always ensured that their guardrails have always been up to the federal standard. There is question about the reliability of the tests backed by Virginia, especially concerning the shallow angle tests, which was not required by the federal government.

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