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Receiving Unwanted Text Messages or Calls???

Receiving Unwanted Text Messages or Spam Texts?

Spam text messages are illegal in some circumstances.
If you are getting text messages on your phone and you have not given consent, you may be entitled to $500 or more in damages for each text message. Please report your experience here

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from unsolicited text messages where companies advertise their products or services via text messages. If you have not expressly consented to receive the text message, you may have a case. You would also be helping all consumers who are receiving such messages. Recently, such companies as Papa John’s Pizza and Portfolio Recovery Associates have been sued for these practices. Many other companies are sending text messages and consumers are entitled to $500 or more in damages for each text.

CNN Money recently reported, “[T]he ‘Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, . . . prohibits companies from sending advertisements via text message if consumers haven’t first opted into the service.’”
If you have received spam or unauthorized text messages, please contact us for a no-cost case evaluation.