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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Farmville Creator -- Zygna


A class-action lawsuit was filed Monday in a federal court in San Francisco accusing FarmVille creator Zynga of "illegally sharing the Facebook user data of its customers with advertisers and data brokers."


In a statement released by the lawsuit's co-lead attorneys, the filing claims Zynga violated federal law and its contract with Facebook by sharing the user data of players on games such as FarmVille.

"This appears to be another example of an online company failing the American public with empty promises to respect individual privacy rights," said Michael Aschenbrener of Edelson McGuire -- a co-lead attorney for the lawsuit -- in a statement.

The lawsuit seeks "monetary relief" for those affected as well as an injunction to "prevent continued privacy abuses," reads the statement.

Game Hunters has reached out to Zynga for comment. We will update this post once we receive a response.

News of the lawsuit follows a report from The Wall Street Journal claiming the most popular applications on Facebook were transmitting personal user data to advertisers and Internet tracking companies.

Zynga official statement regarding the lawsuit: "We believe that the complaint is without merit, and we intend to defend against it vigorously."