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About Auto Product Liability

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As a driver, you should be able to trust that the design and build of your car will protect you in the event of an auto accident. But if your car has an unsafe design or if a part was not made correctly, you could be in more danger to serious injury if you get into a collision.

If you have been injured because of a defective vehicle, you could be qualified to file a product liability claim. Our Dallas personal injury attorney can help you through every step of the process until you are appropriately compensated for your damages and injuries.

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How You Can Be Compensated for Your Injuries

There are many expenses that come with being injured in an auto accident, including medical bills, lost wages from work, and damages to your vehicle. Claiming compensation can help you attain finances to support you during a stressful and expensive time, as well as get justice for the negligence that has caused you pain and suffering.

Product liability claims typically come in two kinds of cases:

  • Defectively manufactured vehicle or part – This type of claim concerns vehicles or parts that have been improperly manufactured. Whether to error occurred during the manufacturing during delivery, if the vehicle or part was made incorrectly or damaged, you could be entitled to a claim.
  • Vehicle or part with unreasonably dangerous design – This type of claim involves vehicles or parts that were properly manufactured, but their design resulted in injury or other damages. Many times, these cases involve parts or vehicles that have been on the market for a while before it is discovered that they are dangerous.

There are many potential parties that could be held liable for your injuries, including the manufacturers, car dealership, or shippers. Our Dallas personal injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault for your damages and then aggressively pursue the compensation you need.

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